14 Day Self-Love Challenge & Guide!

Starting February 1st, My Sister (EverythingErica) and I will be doing a 14 day Self-Love Challenge with YOU!! This challenge is meant for you to fall back in love with yourself and feel AMAZING!! The guide for the 14 days includes: Recipes Custom Workouts Custom Runs Stretches Self-Love Exercises Breathing Exercises AND MORE You will… Continue reading 14 Day Self-Love Challenge & Guide!

Fitness Obsession: GripSling

Happy Monday! I wanted to share a little more detail on one of my favorite fitness products I have been posting about recently, GripSling. I am trying fitness products all the time and this one I am completely obsessed with. GripSling are raw training straps that can be used for pretty much anything. I love to… Continue reading Fitness Obsession: GripSling

Five Amazing Morning Stretches

Stretching in the morning is such an important part of my daily routine. Sitting in front of a computer all day, I have noticed that consistent stretching in the morning has drastically helped to improve my posture, provide me with more energy for the day and relieves many aches in pains in my body. Additionally, after sleeping for 7-8… Continue reading Five Amazing Morning Stretches