California Love – My Fitcation

I recently went on a trip to California and had the most amazing time! When I tell most people I am going on a vacation the first thing they ask me is “why?” I never need a reason to go to California besides it is an amazing place to be outside, have fun, and do… Continue reading California Love – My Fitcation

New Health Trend for an Amazing Smile – Oil Pulling

When I first heard about Oil Pulling I was instantly intrigued. Being a dedicated user to white strips and whitening toothpaste anything I hear that will help to brighten your teeth and improve your overall dental health I am willing to try! First of all what is Oil Pulling? Oil pulling dates back to 3,000… Continue reading New Health Trend for an Amazing Smile – Oil Pulling

Fitness Obsession: GripSling

Happy Monday! I wanted to share a little more detail on one of my favorite fitness products I have been posting about recently, GripSling. I am trying fitness products all the time and this one I am completely obsessed with. GripSling are raw training straps that can be used for pretty much anything. I love to… Continue reading Fitness Obsession: GripSling

Five Amazing Morning Stretches

Stretching in the morning is such an important part of my daily routine. Sitting in front of a computer all day, I have noticed that consistent stretching in the morning has drastically helped to improve my posture, provide me with more energy for the day and relieves many aches in pains in my body. Additionally, after sleeping for 7-8… Continue reading Five Amazing Morning Stretches

MelisFit Motivation Music Monday

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend. Music is such an important part of our workout so I wanted to share what has been keeping me motivated lately. These are currently my top five favorite songs to work out to! 1) Natalie La Rose – Somebody (feat. Jeremih) 2) Jason Derulo – Want… Continue reading MelisFit Motivation Music Monday

Getting Fit and Healthy for a Big Event!

Wow! I can’t believe we are already in March!! This March is so special to me because my beautiful and amazing sister, Erica, is getting married!!! From the bachelorette party in Mexico and the big wedding day at the end of the month it is time to look and feel my best! Obviously I do… Continue reading Getting Fit and Healthy for a Big Event!

Sculpt Your Body Anywhere – Legs, Abs, and Core!

Last night after work I decided to go to the Beach to workout at Sunset. I know the challenge of going to work out on your own can stem from not having a routine in mind. I wanted to share what exercises I did on the beach. These are exercises you could do in the… Continue reading Sculpt Your Body Anywhere – Legs, Abs, and Core!