My January Favorites That Are Motivating Me To Work Out!


In order to motivate myself to workout for the new year – I knew I was going to need some awesome workout clothes that don’t cost a fortune – but are high quality and make me feel confident! I had heard so many great things about the Ellie Activewear subscription box, so I decided to check it out!

What I love about the Ellie Subscription box is that you have the choice between the 5 piece box – which includes pants, top, bra, and 2 fitness accessories, and a 3 piece box – which includes pants, top, and bra. Additionally, you have four days to “skip” each month’s box or select from their alternative outfits!

The main box outfit this month included a white “FIT” tank, black leggings with white detailing on the side, a seamless white bra with black straps, weight resistance bands, and a girl power pouch. I have been wearing the main box outfit non stop and the weight resistance bands have been a great addition to my gym bag! You can click here to shop and use code MelisFit25 for 25% off your first subscription!Β 



I also decided to check out the alternative outfits this month and every single option is soft, great for working out and looks incredible!



I also love that you can shop Ellie Exclusives (CLICK HERE TO SHOP) which are separates that mix and match great together – and with the items in your box!



Quick note that this top above is probably one of my favorite tops I have ever worn and is on sale for $24.99!


I hope you enjoy these beautiful clothes as much as I do! You can shop the subscription box by clickingΒ HERE and the exclusives by clickingΒ HERE. Remember to use my code MelisFit25 to get 25% off your first subscription! I can’t get enough of these beautiful pieces!!

If you came from my Instagram story workout I did. Here is how I used the weight resistance bands to work my lower body:

Squat to side extension (band around thighs) -> 15 each side

Squat tap backs (band around thighs) -> 10 each side

Squat tap sides (band around thighs) -> 20 seconds each side

Outer hip extension (band around ankles) -> 20 each side!




54 thoughts on “My January Favorites That Are Motivating Me To Work Out!

  1. I love the clothing but my budget is not that big 😦 hopefully one day I can afford it or maybe win your awesome giveaway

  2. Do you have any blog posts about eating healthier and how how you are able to keep yourself on track with your healthy lifestyle? πŸ’œ I’ve entered your giveaway

  3. I’ve signed up!!! I’m new to your account and blog and they are great and inspiration to me. I hope i win ur giveaway thou hehe. Thanks so much for your hard work.

  4. Great outfit on the workout video. I love the workouts too, except for the squats. Haha! Bad knees, but I definitely will incorporate the other ones in my routine. Love that these will work out my glutes, legs, and thighs.

  5. You’ve inspired me to work out, the workouts you show us are easy &’ pay off. I need that kind of exercise, I can carry my baby and work out with him. Thanks for sharing your ideas of workouts.

  6. Gorgeous inside and out – I love these pieces, too! It looks like your 2018 is looking up ❀ You're motivating me to get my bootay moving (it's dark, cold & early here) – T H A N K Y O U! Days when a notification flutters into my inbox that you've posted new content is always a good day! xx

  7. Thank you so much for all of your posts!!! They’re super uplifting and motivating and they help me out so much ❀️You’re amazing!!

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