Upgrading My Sleepwear with Cotton On Body


Lately I have been looking to upgrade my sleepwear from my big old t-shirts to something cozy, chic, and comfortable. After trying a few pieces from the Cotton On Body Women’s Sleepwear collection – I haven’t been able to take my pajamas off! Not only are the Cotton On Body Sleepwear pieces the most comfortable clothes I have ever put on – but they look great and the patterns and colors are beyond gorgeous!


I couldn’t be more in love with this Cream Star Match Back Pants and Top. The star pattern puts a smile on my face and I love to cuddle on the couch with this outfit as I drink my morning coffee and get ready for my day. Best part? Both pieces are 50% off right now and this whole set will cost you less than $30!!

Shop the Top by clicking here

Shop the Pants by clicking here


There is only 1 word to describe this beautiful super soft matching zip up and short set: COZY! When I am wearing these two pieces I feel like I am getting a big hug from a cloud! I also will wear these two pieces as seperates and out during the day when running errands. These pieces feel incredibly luxe at an incredible price which makes them a must buy! Also if you are looking for a comfortable bralette to wear at home or under any of your clothes, this body bralette is a staple for my closet (I have it in so many colors!!). I promise you (and your body) will thank me after slipping into this outfit!

Click here to shop the super soft zip hoodie

Click here to shop the super soft shorts

Click here to shop the body bralette


There is something so luxurious about being able to walk around in a beautiful printed kimono robe. I haven’t been able to take this robe off since I got it! I wear it while getting ready (easy to take off so you don’t mess up your hair or makeup!), lounging around the house, and the coverage is so amazing I will even wear it out of the house!! The patterns and colors of the robe are so striking and elegant. Also this robe is less than $14 making it a TOTAL steal! Additionally when I saw the lace bralette in this wild rose color I knew I had to add it to my collection!

Shop the Kimono Gown here

Shop the Body V Lace Bralette here

I love slipping into these gorgeous pieces and they make me feel so beautiful. I hope you love them too! Let me know what you think in the comments below! Xo Melis

15 thoughts on “Upgrading My Sleepwear with Cotton On Body

  1. I’ve never thought of wearing a bralette. But that is a good idea. I’ve tried wearing sports bras to bed but I can’t handle the snugness. I wonder if I could handle those. Thank you for the idea!

  2. I love how Kimonos match ANYTHING! Plus, the soft silk feels amazing to snuggle with and just hang around the house. So obviously my favorite outfit out of all the ones you are so flawlessly showing is the one with the kimono. I would have a huge closet just for storing them >.<
    Lots of love from your Colombian fan,
    Have a beautiful day Melissa!

  3. I feel the same way about some of my pajamas! They make me feel all warm and cozy. I used to have a kinda silk button up long sleeve top and bottoms and they were so luxurious that I felt like a princes! So I like the shorts and Top!

  4. They’re all perfect for different occasions but my favorite is the silk Kimono gown with the Lacey bralet. Something light, silky and airy on the skin makes me feel even more beautiful and free. Plus the colors remind me of the beach!

  5. Oh my god, I love your first one, the one with the stars!! It is exactly the kind of pyjamas that I could wear! 😍 If the shipping weren’t expensive as they are I would definitely buy this one! Now I want a new pyjama even if I already have something like 6 ones! Wich is huge! But thank you Melis! 💕

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