Product of the Week: The Eye Cream I Can’t Live Without

I just recently finally started using eye cream. FINALLY. LOL! I wish I didn’t wait so long but also couldn’t find one I truly loved!! Here are some reasons why you should use eye cream:

  1. The skin around our eyes is so fragile! We have to protect it.
  2. The skin around our eyes drys out faster than our other skin on our face so it is so important to keep it hydrated.
  3. Our eyes are the first place that show signs of aging. Having great skin around your eyes can help you look younger for longer.

After doing hours of market research I finally settled on IT Cosmetics: CONFIDENCE IN AN EYE CREAM. I am beyond obsessed with it! Perfect for sensitive skin and making you look more “awake”, it also has reduced my fine lines, dark circles and makes my skin glow! I give this product a huge thumbs up. Xo Melis

Confidence In An Eye Cream

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