Mornings with Brady!


One of the reasons why Brady is my best friend is because we literally do everything together. From the time we wake up, every step of our morning routine is done together. From morning walks to cuddle time, Brady is such an important part of my everyday morning routine!

My favorite mornings start with Yoga on my mat (Brady always tries to copy me!) and a nutritious breakfast for BOTH of us after. It is so important to me to fuel my body with nutritious and high quality ingredients- so why wouldn’t I do the same for Brady?! Brady is my first pet that I have fully taken care of myself. When I got Brady he was only 8 weeks old. As a new dog mom there are so many options on the market in terms of what to feed your pet. I remember scanning the aisles and asking so many questions. I had such a hard time in the beginning finding food that Brady liked, that had high quality ingredients and that I felt good about feeding him. After years of trying different pet foods, about a month ago I partnered with Castor & Pollux to do a 90 day food switch for Brady to their ORGANIX pet food and I couldn’t be happier that I did! Brady waits every morning and night for his food and licks his bowl clean! I have never seen him enjoy a pet food SO much! There is no better feeling than knowing you are doing everything you possibly can to make sure your animal is happy every single day.


What I love about ORGANIX is that is the most complete line of USDA Organic pet food made with 95% or more certified organic ingredients! I love knowing that they are sourcing the best of the best ingredients to bring right to your pet’s bowl. ORGANIX also has no chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. It is also free of antibiotics and added growth hormones. I love that Brady is eating REAL food. I also love that all the food is cooked in an organically certified USA kitchen. Castor & Pollux goes the extra mile for your pet and it shows in the result of the pet food!


As a dog mom, I want to make sure that my dog is living the same healthy life that I lead. As Brady gets older, I naturally worry about him every day. Now that Brady is eating the best possible pet food, I feel it is one less thing on my list I have to worry about in terms of his health. Since switching Brady’s food I noticed more energy for Brady, better sleep patterns and also his coat looks shiny and bright! I think he may be getting cuter too, but I think he’s just getting cuter everyday (LOL!). It helps me rest easier at night knowing my dog is living his healthiest life!

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