September Begins


Would you believe that the beginning of September, 7 years ago today, signified the start of my accounting career? I remember being so nervous to start the first day of the rest of my life. Transitioning from a full time student to a full time career woman was something I had looked forward to for years! Working for a large company and having a professional career was an easy way for me to define who I was and who I wanted people to think I was. I thought in order to live a successful life and make everyone proud, I needed to have a professional career and go to an office every day. When I quickly realized that a career in finance and accounting wasn’t for me, I was truly panicked. I was so worried that I stayed 6 years in a career that didn’t make me totally happy. I fought with myself because I identified myself with my career and didn’t know who I would be if it wasn’t for that. When I finally left my corporate job and moved out to Los Angeles… it was scary. The thought of failure and what other people would think about me being “unemployed” really scared me.  What I have learned over the past 2 Septembers living in LA, is that you can redefine your life at any point and that you should never waste your days doing things that don’t make you happy. We write the own definitions to our life, and no one but you can make those edits when necessary. I hope this September you do something that you’ve always wanted to do and spend the rest of 2017 defining yourself the way you want to! XO Melis

One thought on “September Begins

  1. Hi Melis, I’ve got a question. When u moved to LA and were unemployed, how did u get the job you like? I mean is there some advice you could give me? Cause I’m really thinking about moving there but don’t know exactly where to find some job including work with people. Thanks for your answer ❤

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