Yoga Tip – High Plank & Outfit Details

Today I want to show you some of the biggest form mistakes and problems I see when people practice High Plank Pose (Ardha Chaturanga Dandasana)


In the before photo there are a few big issues here that could cause serious injury and hurt your practice:

1.My alignment is OFF!! In plank pose you always need your hands DIRECTLY underneath your shoulders and shoulder width apart. Since this is the foundation of your pose, you need to always fix this first! Sometimes all you need to do is shift your weight more forward!!

2. My back is ARCHED and my hips are sinking!! When you are in high plank pose you need to create a straight line from your heels to your head. This means you should have a neutral spine and an engaged core!! Some quick fixes for this are: drawing your hip bones towards your rib cage, engage your lower abs to avoid arching, and press your thighs towards the ceiling as you let your booty draw down towards the floor. Imagine everything is zipped up nice and tight from your heels to chest.

3. My neck is straining, my shoulders are up by my ears and I’m hunching my upper back (so painful!!). First things first: Relax your head, neck and spine. Take your gaze about 6 inches in front of your hands to create length in your neck. Take tension out of your shoulders and upper back by spreading your collarbones, relaxing your shoulders away from your ears, and lifting your chest away from your abs!!

Want some modifications to work your way to the “After” photo? My top modification for high plank pose is to practice the pose on your knees! Focus on creating a straight line & engaged core before you take it back to your feet. Another tip I love is to place your feet up against a wall to help engage your legs and core by pressing into it! (make sure hands are under shoulders!!)

Outfit Details:

The outfit is from TLF Apparel!! If you want to shop their products make sure to use my discount ‘BA20ME” So you get a discount!! Links Below:

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One thought on “Yoga Tip – High Plank & Outfit Details

  1. Love this !!! So helpful and inspiring,
    These tips help so much and my yoga is getting better and better because of ittπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

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