The Skincare Brand I Can’t Live Without: FRÉ

For many years of my life, it never occurred to me to take a closer look into the skin care products I was using: What ingredients are in it? Where is it made? How is it made? What is the mission of the company? Later in life I learned that when selecting your skin care products, this is extremely IMPORTANT!

In the beginning of the year I discovered FRÉ skin care and it truly changed my life (and skin!). I went from acne prone, irritated, oil skin to healthy, glowing and clear skin within a month of religiously using their 123FRÉ Set; and I haven’t been able to live without it since!

123FRE Set for Website.png

The first thing that sparked my attention about the company is that it supports, empowers and is formulated for women, especially women who SWEAT!! I love to workout and my sweaty lifestyle (lol) has caused me some serious skin issues!! I love that FRÉ decided to fill a void in the market with skin care products that can help women’s skin stay clear and beautiful pre and post workout!

The second thing that caught my eye with FRÉ skincare is that the products are all natural and vegan! FRÉ has formulated it’s main ingredient from the Argan Tree (which has unlimited benefits) and a unique blend of antioxidants. I love to know that the products I am using are non-toxic and from the earth!

One of the other things I love about FRÉ is that with every skincare set purchased, FRÉ will plant an Argan tree, to help replenish the endangered Argan forest and support women who harvest Argan oil in Morocco. Creating jobs for women and supporting the environment is so inspiring to me.


I always recommend everyone to try the products out themselves to truly fall in love like I did. You can shop the 123FRÉ set by clicking HERE and don’t pay full price use my discount code MELISFIT at checkout to get my personal discount! Xo Melis!


3 thoughts on “The Skincare Brand I Can’t Live Without: FRÉ

  1. Thank you for informing about skincare! I’m always on the hunt for quality products for my skin! Also love the photos you included (cute marble sports bra!!)

  2. I had this wake up call about 6 months ago! I started realizing how many words I couldn’t pronounce and don’t understand on my face wash/body wash and shampoos. I started making my own with essential oils and I’ve honestly never had better skin! Great read

  3. I need to look into better skincare products! I’ve been using the same face wash since high school…having a child and working out a lot, my skin likely has different needs than it once did. Thanks for the recommendation! 🦄

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