Quaker Oats X Unique Markets LA

I had a great time this weekend hanging out with Quaker at their Unique Market LA Space!

Overnight Oat Heaven! 

Between the amazing Overnight Oat samples, topping station (loaded with honey, cinnamon, and chia seeds!), and the most fun arts and crafts table to customize your own Quaker Oats Mason Jar, I had an afternoon filled of yummy food and fun. Check out some of my photos from the event below!

I got to hang out with Jaime from Quaker who showed me how Quaker Oats are made in the Oat Roller Mill!
I had so much fun creating my own custom mason jar to make Overnight Oats in! 
I obviously bedazzled the top of my mason jar!
These kids were so much fun and decorated some really awesome jars, I was blown away by the creativity! 
IMG_4308 2
The inside of the mason jars were filled with a delicious Overnight Oats recipe! 

For more Overnight Oats recipes check out: Quaker Overnight Oats Recipe!

Xo Melis

One thought on “Quaker Oats X Unique Markets LA

  1. Oh that looks like a lot of fun! I love the bedazzled too and overnight oats are so good. Gotta check out the site for more recipe ideas. I’ve also entered the IG giveaway and am crossing my fingers!

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