ACME Hotel Company – Rocker Chic Meets Luxury in the Heart of Chicago

The Beautiful Room at Acme Hotel Company

I am always looking for new places to stay when I travel to Chicago, so when I discovered the Acme Hotel Company in Chicago, I was beyond excited to check it out!

Rocker Chic Meets Luxury in the heart of Chicago! Note: photo via

Located in the heart of Chicago (seriously the location is perfection), you are walking distance from the best shops, restaurants and amazing tourist attractions. Nestled next to the typical corporate hotels, Acme Hotel feels like a VIP underground hotel without the huge price tag. The decor is a perfect mix of rocker chic and luxury!

Hanging out at Bodega! Calm by day, party by night! 

When I checked in, I was immediately told that I had the choice of getting FREE coffee or tea delivered to my door with the hotel’s Morning Jo service. I had to ask twice to make sure I heard correct because this made me so happy! After checking in and being explained that the rooms are keyless and can be opened using an app on your phone, I knew I was going to love this hotel (SHOUT OUT technology!).

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Fully Enjoying my FREE Morning Jo

After I got up to my room I instantly noticed how quiet and serene the room areas were. The hotel has two of the busiest lounges in town, but you would never know once you step foot upstairs.

The room was perfection. From the cozy bed, the decor, the instagrammable bathroom mirror with the famous big lips, I was happy to call this place home for the next two nights!  I was also completely blown away when I saw there was a beautiful ESP electric guitar casually hanging out in my room!! Not only do they have an ESP electric guitar for you to try out equipped with Bowers & Wilkins headphones during you stay, they have instructions on how to play it and you have the option to buy it if you want to take it home with you!

So much fun with my in-room ESP electric guitar & Bowers & Wilkins headphones!

One of my favorite parts of the room is how quiet and spacious the room felt in a big city. Also any hotel that has a comfy bathrobe gets bonus points with me. I literally lived in the Acme Hotel bathrobe during my stay!

Many selfies were taken here! note: photo via Pinterest

Over the course of my stay I got way to used to having the delicious West Town Bakery in the hotel lobby, an Amazon echo in my room that could contact the front desk for me, and a state of the art gym (complete with punching bag!) – safe to say I will be checking back in VERY soon!

Make sure to check them out: Acme Hotel Company

One thought on “ACME Hotel Company – Rocker Chic Meets Luxury in the Heart of Chicago

  1. I love how they let you try out the guitar while you stay, with option to buy! I wonder how many people have been turned onto music and started playing the guitar because of them!!!

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