The Future of Essential Oils & Hydrosols

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I am a huge fan of essential oils. I buy them all the time and use them for so many things! When I have a headache, when I feel sick, when I want to relax, when I want energy, the list goes on and on. People have been using essential oils forever and never has there been an easy way to make your OWN essential oils!

When I stumbled upon the E.O.Still by Botanic Springs I knew I had to check it out and learn more about a portable machine that can make your own essential oils and hydrosols in less than 10 minutes using your own fresh herbs or the easy-to-insert packets they can provide to you.

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I was lucky enough to meet with the team behind E.O.Still in Los Angeles the other weekend and they walked me through the entire process (and it is just as easy and awesome as it sounds).

It’s as simple as this:

  1. Fill up the base of the back container with 8 oz water
  2. Drop in an aroma cup capsule
  3. Make sure you have your canisters in place for oil and hydrosol (the machine will make about 3.5oz of Hydrosol and 1.5 ml-4.0 ml of essential oil everytime!)
  4. Press the BUTTON and watch as your herbs get transformed!!

The Essential Oil and Hydrosol are ready to use right away and smell AMAZING.

I AM SO EXCITED to announce the E.O.Still and I have teamed up to create a special way for you to purchase your ownE.O.Still early at a DISCOUNT with FREE special gifts!! Here is what you get:

  • The E.O.Still essential oil still machine
  • FREE essential oil still & aromatherapy necklace
  • Starter Kit of Aroma Cups and Bottles
  • Free Shipping
  • AND a mention onE.O.Still website when it goes live!

You can purchase my package by clicking -> here and it is listed as “E.O.S for MelisFit”!! Also – E.O.Still is giving 2 lucky purchasers the chance to win a YOGA MAT!! Here is how:

  1. After you purchase, comment “I am a future E.O.Still owner!” on my last instagram post (@melisfit_) and you will have the chance to win a brand new yoga mat!

Hope you are as excited as I am! Xo Melis

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