Surfing with Swatch!


I had the opportunity this past weekend to head down to San Clemente, CA to watch the Swatch Women’s Pro in Lower Trestles and hang out with Swatch as they launched a new watch in collaboration with Professional Surfer Coco Ho, Swatch by Coco Ho. The weekend started off with some much needed Yoga early on Saturday morning! I learned from chatting with professional surfer, Courtney Conlogue yoga & extension play an integral role in keeping surfers light, lean and mobile, so I was happy to get my yoga session in before I knew I would be surfing later on in the day!

Acro Yoga! 

After Yoga we headed down to the Surf Competition which was so awesome! I had never been to a surf competition before so I really enjoyed taking in the atmosphere and watching the incredible athletes. Surfing is a special sport for so many reasons. When surfing, you are totally one with the water and surfing isn’t just a sport – it’s a lifestyle. After the competition we had the most delicious lunch (peach & burrata salad!) and got ready for our own surfing lesson. I’m not going to lie and say I did a good job surfing but I tried my best (I was only able to stand up twice, but fell as soon as I stood up). However coming back from the weekend I am excited to try surfing again!

Peach & Burrata salad with a side of Swatch!

As I watched the most beautiful sunset fall over San Clemente, professional surfer Coco Ho took the stage to unveil her beautiful new watch. As a lover of anything pink, this watch truly has it all. Lightweight, waterproof, stylish, and absolutely gorgeous! I was so excited to try it on. Coco Ho is truly inspiring as she talked about the watch & her passion for surfing – she lit up the room!

Swatch by Coco Ho 

The next day was equally as exciting as we got to sit down with professional surfer, Courtney Conlogue and chat with her in regards to fitness, beauty & of course surfing! In addition to surfing (which is an incredible workout!) she also works out by doing long distance paddling, core workouts (knee paddling), weight training (in the offseason), yoga, extension, and TRX bands. Emphasizing the importance of switching it up! On her off days she will get outside by going hiking or just walking around town, she loves to stay active! I left my chat with Courtney feeling SO inspired to live a healthy, well balanced life!

Me & Courtney Conlogue!

Speaking of staying active I ended the trip with a beautiful bike ride around San Clemente. The little beach town is truly magical and serene. I’m going to set a date in the future to get back there & try out some more surfing!


Shop the Look:

Swatch by Coco Ho

Clip-On the Eyes of Sascha

Thank you Swatch for a great weekend!





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