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I love when I find Jewelry that is different, unique and affordable! I stumbled across Moksha Wear and knew I had to have their pieces in my life! Moksha, meaning liberation in Sanskrit, has pieces that are exactly that. I love how surprisingly comfortable all of the pieces are from the Gopika head piece, which I wore for a night on the town and didn’t even feel like it was there, to the Jodha earrings which didn’t weigh me down at all!  The two amazing ladies behind Moksha Wear, Aparna and Vini, sat down with me to talk more about their brand and here is what they had to say:


MelisFit (M): How did you two decide to start Moksha Wear? 

Vini (V): We started Moksha Wear in 2014 when Aparna and I went on a week long vacation to Austin, Texas. We were exploring the city and fell in love with the people, atmosphere, and laid-back attitude. There was just something about being there together that inspired us to create something from an activity we both enjoy: shopping!

Aparana (A): We launched Moksha Wear, went to India, and designed each of our pieces from start to finish. Our whole collection is unique, fun, and colorful!

M: What makes Moksha Wear unique from other clothing/jewelry brands?

A: Vini and I are both Indian and have always been really passionate about South Asian fashion. We grew up in Southern California but were surrounded by Indian clothes and jewelry. We wanted to find a way to bridge the gap between our comfy SoCal style and our love for traditional Indian jewelry and clothing. Our designs are incredibly unique. I can honestly say that there isn’t another company out there that offers what we offer. Also, our prices are really affordable.

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M: What trends do you see for summer in yoga and festival fashion?

A: Lots of color! We’re huge fans of bright, rich colors and interesting patterns. With so many music festivals and outdoor events taking place in the coming months, we’re confident that our ethnic and eastern-inspired designs will make a bold fashion statement.

M: What is your advice for first time Moksha Wear shoppers? 

A: Think outside of the box! We’ve created these unique items with our own imagination, and we want our customers to incorporate our designs into their own personal style. I’ve never been a one-brand kind of woman; I like to mix and match my clothing and jewelry to serve as an honest representation and expression of me as a person. We honestly just want to add a little spice to your wardrobe.

M: What is next for Moksha Wear?

V: Our clothing line is launching this summer, which we are super excited about! It’s very relaxed and simple, yet different, and all of our pieces are handmade with authentic Indian dyes, prints, and fabrics.

A: We are proud to say that our entire clothing collection is made of 100% Cotton. I am such a firm believer in cotton and its benefits. It’s such a breathable fabric. It’s lightweight, and it’s easy to care for. This ties back in to our commitment to providing  comfortable pieces so you #FeelLiberated!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Moksha Wear. All of my blog readers get an additional 15% off using code MelisFitMoksha at through June 28th!! Happy Shopping!


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