My Yoga Obsession: Om Shanti Clothing

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I was first introduced to Om Shanti Clothing back in May when I hosted an Instagram yoga challenge. The minute I put on my first pair of Om Shanti pants I knew I had found my match! I was so blown away by the quality and beauty of every piece of clothing Om Shanti has to offer. Since I have been getting so many compliments and questions about my Om Shanti clothing I wanted to give you all more detail on the company so you can see why I am so passionate about their clothes! I was lucky enough to talk with CEO and founder of Om Shanti, Joel Strauss, and here is what he had to say:

MelisFit (MF): What does Om Shanti mean? 

Joel Strauss (JS): One Peace

MF: How Did Om Shanti Start?

JS: We started Om Shanti Clothing 6 years ago. When we began our business, we just wanted to serve the yoga community, and be a part of that wonderful energy that they inspire. Our first line consisted of tie dyed tee shirts and tank tops. We printed some beautiful designs on them, and put a spiritual expression on the back of the shirts. In time, our line grew to include some very special tie dyed pants, and active wear. 

MF: What sets Om Shanti apart from other Yoga Brands?

JS:  The fabric and design of our signature Printed Performance Power Legging. We manufacture the technical fabric that is used to make the leggings. This way we control the consistency and quality of the fabric. Our fabric is manufactured with a special eco – friendly process, that saves both water, and energy. Our designs are truly awesome, and the depth of the collection is second to none. In addition, we will soon be offering these amazing leggings made from a recycled yarn.

MF: What is your advice for first time Om Shanti buyers?

JS: Buy 1 garment on each style to make sure you have selected the correct size for you

MF: What is next for Om Shanti?

JS: We will soon be offering a Power Short, 3 amazing Power Tops, reversible sports bra, baby doll tank top, and a v-neck short sleeve tee. Most of the designs will coordinate with our leggings, capris and shorts. We are always looking for new and exciting garments to offer our customers. Our future is based on our digital printing capabilities, so whatever we do will be unique and special.

To check out Om Shanti Clothing visit the Om Shanti Website and make sure to use code MelisFit15 at checkout to get a discount off your entire order!

Xo MelisFit

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