My Favorite Products for Contour and Highlight

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Last weekend when I was in LA I posted a picture to my snapchat (PrincessMelis) after I had done my makeup. I got a lot of questions about what makeup products I use to contour so I figured I would post them here! In the past few years I have really gotten into makeup and love to try new trends. Makeup can truly enhance your features and I am so loyal to the products I use. Here they are:
MelisFit Contour Products

Clockwise from top left:

1) Physicians Formula Bronzer – I love trying new bronzers and it is such an important finishing aspect to your contour. This one is my favorite and I can get it at the drug store which I love. It has a pretty sparkle which adds a nice a bronze glow.
2) Maybelline Master Conceal – Another amazing drug store find. This is my favorite start to my contour. I use this under my eyes, down the bridge of my nose and to shape my eyebrows before I start the contour.
3) NARS Starscape Blush – I love to always have bright pink cheek. It really helps to bridge the gap between the contour and the highlight and will warm your face up. I recently purchased NARS blush in Starscape and I truly love the color. It looks brighter than it is and blends really well on the cheeks.
4) Chanel Large Eyeshadow Brush – When I first got into contouring my nose I decided to use an eyeshadow brush to contour down the sides. I happened to have this one in my makeup bag and it works really well! The size is perfect for line contouring down the nose and I love the way it blends.
5) Real Techniques Sculpting Set – If you can’t tell brushes to me are a huge part in achieving the perfect contour. I recently picked up this set and LOVE the sculpting brush for getting in the hollows of my cheek with the contour. The other 2 brushes are so awesome for setting powder and removing excess makeup. This set is super affordable and a great addition to your contour routine.
6) Anastasia Contour Kit – The holy grail of contour is this product. I ordered this kit off a whim from Sephora a few months back and it changed my life. It has every shade you need and the consistency of the powders are amazing. I know that there is a cream contour kit as well, but I personally prefer to contour with powder (besides the conceal product as my first step #2 product above). This kit really makes contour so easy and the product lasts forever because you don’t need much.
7) Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter – I truly love Benefit products. I have so many favorites from them! This highlighter is amazing and the perfect shade. I got this as a sample in my birch box and have not stopped ordering it since. I love to put this on the top of my cheekbones and under my eyebrows. Watt’s Up adds perfect shine without making me look oily. This is always great to have in your purse!
I hope this will help you to achieve that perfect contour look. Remember that less is always more and you should contour and highlight to enhance your features not to completely change the shape or look of your face. You are beautiful just the way you are!
If you would be interested in me posting a contour and highlight tutorial let me know!
Xo MelisFit

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