California Love – My Fitcation


I recently went on a trip to California and had the most amazing time! When I tell most people I am going on a vacation the first thing they ask me is “why?” I never need a reason to go to California besides it is an amazing place to be outside, have fun, and do so many fun fitness activities! Here are some my favorite recommendations for having an amazing “Fitcation” in California.

1) Go Hiking – California is one of the ultimate getaways for being outdoors and enjoying some amazing views. Typically I have always gone to Runyon canyon, which is a pretty popular outdoor mountain hike, but this trip I wanted to mix it up! I decided to hike The Grotto trail. The Grotto trail is in Malibu and is absolutely worth it. Driving there is amazing on it’s own, you go way up into the Santa Monica mountains and the views are breath taking! The trail can be a little tricky to find but if you go here is all the information you need: The Grotto Trail. This trail is a little bit more advanced and I would absolutely recommend long pants and the proper hiking shoes!


2) Drink Juice! – I may be biased but I think LA has some of the best cold pressed juice places. I was lucky enough to stay walking distance from Pressed Juicery in West Hollywood. They have some of the best juices I have ever tried! The people that work there are so friendly and helpful at explaining what their juices are all about and which ones you might like the most. The best part is they aren’t as pricey as you would think. For about $30 we got to pick out 5! Between two people it was perfect and made the perfect breakfast and on the go snack. Pressed Juicery


3) Take a boutique fitness class – LA has so many amazing boutique fitness studios. This is such a great way to try something fun and feel great about all the delicious food you will be eating in LA. One of my favorite things to do is visit Pure Barre studios wherever I go and the studios in the LA area do not disappoint. I was fortunate enough to take class at the Santa Monica studio which is amazing and you can see the ocean from the studio! Some other great options are Cycle House and Barry’s Bootcamp. Pure Barre


4) Eat local and fresh – After our hike in Malibu we ventured to the Malibu Farm. This place is amazing! Almost all of their food is grown locally and they even shop weekly at the Farmer’s Market. Not only was the food incredible but the resturaunt sits out on the Malibu pier so you get an amazing view while you eat. I loved how fresh everything tasted. Places like this make eating healthy so easy when on vacation. Malibu Farm


Overall my Fitcation was amazing and filled with so many fun adventures. Try to get out and explore wherever you are traveling to and make some incredible memories!

Xo MelisFit

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