Fitness Obsession: GripSling


Happy Monday! I wanted to share a little more detail on one of my favorite fitness products I have been posting about recently, GripSling. I am trying fitness products all the time and this one I am completely obsessed with.

GripSling are raw training straps that can be used for pretty much anything. I love to use them for suspension body weight training and to assist with my yoga practice. I have seen an incredible improvement in my flexibility since adding the GripSling to my practice. I am working over time to achieve poses I never thought were possible in my practice with the GripSling.

I am always running, walking, and biking to my workout location so the fact that GripSling straps are so light and easy to fold up makes them perfect for bringing them along on my fitness adventures! When going for a run the other day, I was able to hook my GripSling’s to a tree branch and perform suspended weight training using my own body weight!


On top of being an awesome product GripSling is an incredible company that I am  proud to purchase from. All of their straps are manufactured in the United States and they are recognized as a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

I am so happy to support this product and love the results I have seen!! If you would like to purchase/learn more about the story of GripSling here is the link: If you use code MELISFIT20 you get 20% off!!

Xo MelisFit


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