Getting Fit and Healthy for a Big Event!

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Wow! I can’t believe we are already in March!! This March is so special to me because my beautiful and amazing sister, Erica, is getting married!!! From the bachelorette party in Mexico and the big wedding day at the end of the month it is time to look and feel my best! Obviously I do my best to stay in shape and feel great all year round but when you have an event coming up it is time to kick things up a notch and hopefully hold on to healthy habits after the big day. Here are some tips on how I am getting ready for all the exciting events coming up:

1) Up your water intake!

I always try to focus on drinking lots of water during the day. However about a month leading up to a big event this is even more important! Not only will your skin have that extra glow in photos but it will help to reduce any bloat from water retention. In addition most of us think we are hungry but in fact we are just feeling thirsty. By drinking more water you will actually end up eliminating grabbing for those empty calories. Make sure to have a full glass of water anytime before you’re about to eat.

2) Get 8 hours of sleep!

It is so important in the months leading up to a big event to keep yourself on a tight sleep schedule. Getting enough sleep every night will help to aid in maintaining a healthy weight and having plenty of energy to keep exercising and take on the stresses that come with a big event coming up. I get up everyday around 6:00 am so at 10:00 pm I make sure my cell phone is charging away from my bed and the TV is turned off. Sleep has become my number 1 priority for setting me up for a successful next day of productivity, healthy eating and exercising.

3) Do a workout challenge!

Working out is one of the most integral parts to feeling amazing for a big event. Staying active has unlimited benefits and will not only make you feel great but everyone will notice the hard work you have put in. The one thing I love about Pure Barre is we always have an exciting challenge going on at the studios. For March we have March madness (20 classes in 31 days!). This will be my challenge up until the wedding! Find something like this or create your own challenge to keep yourself on schedule and motivated to work out. For example if you love to run set a challenge that you will run 12 miles a week or to make it to your favorite workout class a certain number of times before the event. Keep track of your progress on your iPhone or on a piece of paper. If you meet your challenge reward yourself! (YOU deserve it!)

4) Set yourself up for success in the food department!

I think one of the biggest problems with eating healthy is not planning properly. If you are like me when you are hungry YOU HAVE TO EAT (#Hangry)!. Always eat when you are hungry (first drink a glass of water #2), but make sure you have something nutritious and healthy to eat. I am making sure to go to the grocery store at the beginning of every week and bring food into my house and office that I am excited about eating, but that will also keep me looking and feeling great. Avoid buying anything high in sugar and sodium aim for foods that contain fiber and lean protein. Crave your sweet tooth with fruits instead of candy and replace your morning bagel with Oatmeal (I love Nature’s Path Organic Brand as it has no sugar or salt added). Little changes like this make a huge difference on the way your body will feel and look. Be mindful about what you are eating.

5) Don’t focus on the scale!

I have seen too many people go above and beyond to try to reach a particular weight for a big event. Don’t do this!! Trying to achieve a set weight in a short amount of time can drive people to do some unhealthy things. Even worse you will probably gain all of the weight back after the event. With the steps above you can stay looking and feeling great even after a big event. I do believe a scale is a great tool to keep in check with your body, but don’t focus on a set number that you want to be. If overall you feel you are not at the weight you want to be, keep on the healthy path after the event and you will be where you feel best in no time!

Remember: Lots of water, plenty of sleep, nutritious eating and keeping up with workouts are the key to feeling great inside and out!

Xo MelisFit

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