Sculpt Your Body Anywhere – Legs, Abs, and Core!

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Last night after work I decided to go to the Beach to workout at Sunset. I know the challenge of going to work out on your own can stem from not having a routine in mind. I wanted to share what exercises I did on the beach. These are exercises you could do in the gym, at your house (for those of you stuck in cold weather), or anywhere outside!

I started my workout with abs and core:

Bicycle Exercise and Scissor Switch Exercise – Do 20 Bicycle then 10 Scissor Switch (3x) try without breaking!

45 second plank (2x)

8 Full Body Push (3x) – can modify by doing on your knees

Side Plank lifting top leg 12 times then switch sides

20 Mountain Climbers (3x)

15 laying leg raises for lower abs (3x)

After abs and core I worked on my legs by doing the following:

20 Lunges (3x)

8 Squat Jumps (3x)

12 Walking High Lunch (3x).

To finish off this work out take two objects (I used my shoes since I had them off on the beach) and place them apart. I placed them about 15 meters apart. Once you have done that sprint back and forth between the two objects 10 times. Repeat.

This workout is fast, fun, and will get your heart rate lifted! The best part is you can do it anywhere!

Hope you enjoy! Xo MelisFit

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