MelisFit Super Greens Pasta


I love simple recipes that taste delicious and look amazing! I also like to know that what I am putting into my body is providing me with the proper fuel for working out, keeping my energy levels high and adding nutritional value to my body.

Personally, I believe carbohydrates in moderation are good for you and provide you with energy. In addition if you are going to eat carbohydrates you might as well include some nutritional vegetables to fill you up and balance out the carbs. Hence the creation of one of my favorite pasta dishes, MelisFit Super Greens Pasta. Here is the recipe!

Serves 2 (or eat half and have the leftovers the next day!)

1/2 Bag of Wild Garlic Bechtle Egg Pasta

One whole Green Pepper – Chopped

One whole head of Broccoli – Cut into small heads

3 Fresh Large Garlic Cloves -Thinly Sliced

Olive Oil

Sea Salt

In a medium sized skillet heat on low 1 tablespoon of olive oil and melt the garlic in slowly. Once olive oil and garlic areΒ heated turn up to medium heat and add the vegetables. Cook for about 12 minutes or until vegetables are cooked to your preference (I like mine a little crispy). Continue to add sea salt for taste as you go!

In a separate pot cook theΒ Bechtle Egg Pasta per instructions on the label. This is one of my favorite pasta brands, it is absolutely delicious and I typically purchase it at Whole Foods or Fresh Market. Remember any pasta can work with this recipe though (including gluten free!). If you try this pasta once though you will understand why I use it for this dish!

Drain pasta and place back into pot you cooked it in. Add in the vegetable mix and stir together. I typically add more olive oil and salt here for taste. Serve and Enjoy!!

This dish is so easy and surprisingly full of flavor for only having 6 ingredients! I strongly believe the key to a nutritious and healthy dish is less ingredients with more quality. Of course I know pasta isn’t the most nutritious option out there but if you love pasta as much as I do it is OK to indulge especially with vegetables. There are so many benefits to green vegetables. You could also add to your pasta spinach, kale, green beans etc! Β They key is also moderation and making sure you aren’t losing your vegetables in a sea of pasta. Make sure there is an equal ratio if not more vegetables.

I hope you try this dish at home! It gives me incredible energy for my workout and eating green makes me glow from the inside out.

Xo MelisFit

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