Indulge without Feeling Guilty

I want to start off by sharing how much I enjoyed my Vegan challenge. I was able to uphold a Vegan diet for a total of two weeks (with two and a half days off somewhere in between). I am really proud of myself and felt amazing! I plan to keep it going and have eaten vegan so far today. Everyone’s journey is different and being Vegan is not easy for me! With that being said, when I broke Vegan on this past Sunday night I seemed to have been indulging more than usual. Between Lobster Mac and Cheese and Filet on Sunday to going back for seconds of the office Brownie cake yesterday, I have not been holding back. However, I decided a long time ago there is no reason to feel guilty after you have indulged in some over the top delicious food. Here is how I came to that decision and I hope you can too!

1) I am human: I would love to be able to tell you that I eat healthy, organic, raw, vegan, green 100% of the time but then I would just be telling you a lie! Every once in a while it feels good to indulge and to not feel sorry for it. We deserve a night off (maybe even a few days) where we don’t have to be perfect!

2) There is always tomorrow: Every morning that you wake up is a new opportunity to get excited about starting on a healthy path. If you ate bad the day before or missed a work out, make today the day you run that extra mile or eat a little bit healthier. Luckily with our diet and fitness we can change it anytime we want!

3) Reflect on the great memories you are making: I love to save my indulgences for special moments. A birthday, night out to dinner with a special person, and so on. For example, we had a birthday at the office yesterday and were able to surprise her with a delicious brownie cake. It was so nice to all share together and celebrate with her. Food can bring people together and provide great memories.

4) Indulging once in a while will not ruin your entire diet or your body: I try to follow the 80/20 rule with my eating. Eat healthy 80% of the time and not so healthy 20% of the time. These small indulgences are not going to ruin your life. As long as you don’t make it an everyday (or every hour) habit, there is no harm in treating yourself. I promise the next day you will still be you. You can always lose the pound or two you gained with a positive attitude and the will power to stay on track in your healthy lifestyle.

Refer to my post “Enjoying Life in Moderation” for additional insight into my diet.

Hope this helps!


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