Summertime Happiness

The countdown is officially on until we hit Summer 2014! Even though South Florida becomes super hot in the Summer, it is still one of my favorite times of the year. I have noticed in past summers I get more relaxed when it comes to fitness and diet, but not this summer! Here I am sharing my goals for my Happier and Healthier Summer 2014:

Enjoy Local and In Season Produce: Summer is a great time for some of my favorite fruits and vegetables to be in season. It is important to know what fruits and vegetables are in season in your area during the year. This SummerΒ I will be stocking up on Cherries, Avocados, Green Beans, Corn, Apricots, and Grapes as they are my favorite and best in the summer months. Try to eat local and fresh!

Get Outside!: This summer will not be filled with TV and Movies, it will be about making my own incredible memories outside. Don’t waste the beautiful day away catching up on shows, get up and go for a beautiful walk outside and enjoy the warm sunshine. Just rememberΒ to wear sunscreen!

Learn a New Water Sport: What better way to combine being on a lake or ocean and fitness than learning a new water sport! I am going to focus on learning how to surf this Summer as I live close to the beach. Take a lesson or get out there on your own, but either way learning something new and staying in shapeΒ will make you healthier and happier!

Go for a Run at Sunrise or Sunset: In my opinion sunrises and sunsets are more vibrant in the summer. What better way to enjoy and reflect on life than having one of these as a backdrop as you go for your run (or jog or walk!). Also with the summer heat these will be your coolest times to go for a run unless it is dark out which isn’t always safe.

Be Positive and Happy: The last one may seem silly but the summer is a great time to embrace a carefree attitude. Everyday that you can get up and enjoy your surroundings is a great reason to be happy and continue to set goals for yourself. The most beautiful people are happy people so don’t get caught up in anything petty, just enjoy life! Who knows, maybe this one will even carry into fall.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!


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