For the Love of Pure Barre

Happy Monday! This month I have officially been teaching Pure Barre for six months!! Pure Barre has totally changed my life and I am positive that I could never live without it. I had been a client for over 3 years and it seemed like the perfect transition to start instructing despite my busy schedule. I love to see my client’s bodies change before my eyes and I love to inspire people to push harder than they thought they could. Whether you have taken a Pure Barre class or not, today I wanted to share 5 of my favorite tips to get the most out of a Pure Barre class (You can translate these into your every day lives as well):

1) Don’t compare yourself to other people – We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, it’s important to celebrate your strengths and not to let your weaknesses discourage you. Everyone has a different body and will work different from you in a Pure Barre class (no two forms are the same!). The important thing is you focus on your own body and feel proud of what you have accomplished in class!

2) However small you are working you can always work smaller – Pure Barre is all about utilizing small movements to create long and lean muscles. Most people are used to big motions in the gym, but at Pure Barre really take the time to do every movement as small as possible (unless told otherwise in class!). The important part is that you challenge your body!

3) Work past the point of fatigue – One of the best parts about the Pure Barre class is that every time we work the body hard we stretch after. I always tell my clients to keep this in mind when they want to give up in a section of class. Most people don’t realize they are stronger than they think. The body isn’t ready to give up as easily as the mind. When you are starting to feel tired or defeated push past that part of your brain and focus on how good the stretch will feel when you’re done. You can think of many reasons to give up but you only need one reason to keep going!

4) Having good form is key – Form is so important if you really want to see those results. I know that it is tempting to grab the heavier set of weights or work a little lower in thigh work, but if you are compromising your form you are only counteracting all that hard work and could potentially hurt yourself! Really focus on getting perfect form in all exercises before taking on additional challenges. I encourage my clients to work where they feel they are getting the deepest work out even if (refer to tip 1) everyone else is doing something different.

5) Above all else, have fun! – Coming to a Pure Barre class should be fun, motivating, empowering and invigorating. Try not to get discouraged and always stay positive. Going to Pure Barre for me is all about having fun, making amazing changes to your body, and setting a positive mind-set for the rest of the day. Pure Barre has over 200 locations nationwide! Visit for studio locations and more information. I hope to see at the Barre!

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