My Vegan Challenge

I admire vegan’s SO much! Whether someone is keeping vegan for moral or health reasons, they inspire me everyday! My dad has been a vegan for over 4 years now due to some health complications. Seeing how becoming a vegan has changed my dad’s life and health, I knew it was something I wish I could do. As I have talked about before I love food so much, unfortunately I don’t feel food loves me. After many meals I feel sick, nauseous and have even gotten migraines. I finally decided enough is enough and it is time to get my body clean.

Considering I have never placed any dietary restrictions into my diet, I wanted to make my goal small and obtainable. So my vegan challenge to myself is to go 5 days (I started on Monday) until this Friday. A full work week of vegan eating! I think part of the reason becoming a vegan is challenging for me is because I live my life off of convenience. 7 days a week I am constantly on the go and when I am hungry I usually just grab something fast. This week I am taking more time for myself and diet.

On Friday I am flying out of town and am not sure if I will be able to keep vegan, but I am excited to see how I feel at the end of the challenge and go from there. One day at a time!

Have a great week! I hope you find something to challenge yourself with or join me on my vegan journey.

3 thoughts on “My Vegan Challenge

  1. I think you will really enjoy it. I don’t eat vegan, but whenever I need a refresh I pack my meals with fresh vegetables and fruit, and omit all added sugar. And going vegan is a great way to rid your diet of a lot of junk. Good luck!

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