How to Recharge and De-Bloat from the Weekend

For me, life always gets super busy in the spring. I have been away the past three weekends and have been having a great time! Between weddings, vacations and a fabulous bachlorette party, I have been indulging in my fair share of fatty foods and delicious drinks. With all these fun events that are going on, it can be easy to lose track of your diet and fitness routine. I wanted to share with you my tips to recharge from the weekend and be fresh (and slim) for your next event on Friday!

1) Don’t crash diet or eliminate eating all together! I know this can be an attractive option to quickly lose weight, but it is not sustainable; and to deprive your body is not healthy! What you want to do is eliminate the bloat from the weekend and make your body feel better from the inside out. For example when I got back from my weekend I had a nutritious smoothie for breakfast, organic tuna salad and quinoa for lunch, and salmon with asparagus and gluten free noodles for dinner (pictured above!!). By the next morning my body felt nourished and the bloat had gone down (and I didn’t have to starve!). Try to focus on eliminating sodium and refined carbohydrates.

2) Drink lots of water with lemon. The benefits of lemon water are endless some include: weight loss, immune boost, digestion assistance and cleanses the body. Squeeze a half of a lemon into a cup of water and repeat throughout the day. You need to re hydrate that body!

3) Get plenty of sleep. This one is always tough for me as I always feel like I have an infinite list of things to do when I make it back from a trip. However, sleep comes first. If you have a long week of work ahead, and another event to go to the next weekend, sleep will be your in aid in fighting getting sick and feeling your best. Plus we all need beauty rest to look our best.

4) Don’t push yourself when it comes to exercising. When we get back from a big weekend of eating and drinking, our first instinct is to push ourselves at the gym. Please, don’t do this! Your body has been through a lot in terms of traveling, long nights, and improper nutrition. When I get back from a trip I keep it easy on that first day by either walking, doing light yoga, or skipping it all together to opt for more rest (refer to number 3!). Re-evaluate how you feel on the next day, and ease back into your fitness routine. The gym isn’t going anywhere and you need to be 100% to push yourself through a full workout.

5) Get organized. This last one may surprise you just a little bit but until your bags are unpacked, laundry is being accomplished, and your house is clean you will have a hard time focusing on eating right, getting sleep, and accomplishing all your goals. Don’t let everything fall apart around you just because you have a busy schedule. Make a list of all the the things that need to be done to get your life back on track and make this a priority.

I hope you find these tips helpful, and you enjoy all your trips you have planned this spring and summer!



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