Enjoying Life in Moderation

I wanted to share a thought today on diet as it typically goes hand in hand with fitness. In the past I have gotten numerous questions relating to my diet, as most people notice I don’t hold back when it comes to food. I think it is important to have a great relationship with food and to never give up what you truly enjoy (unless you have an allergy or it is hurting your health).Β The top diet I promote is one that you can be consistent with and promotes an overall healthy lifestyle. The reason I see diets fail is because they are impossible to keep up with. If you cut a food you love out of your diet, unless you can 100% keep it out forever, you will eventually eat it again and your body will most likely react by gaining weight. How can you get out of this cycle? Learn that food isn’t the enemy to yourself but you are. When you give your body what it craves you eventually develop a different relationship with food. One where you can monitor when you are full and when you actually want something healthy instead. I know that healthy non-processed food is what I need and I try to stick to that; but once in a while you have to give your body what it wants! Be in tune with your body. Drink lots of water, never say no to that one bite of dessert (but don’t over do it), and if you are full it’s OK to stop eating! Learn to enjoy life, but in moderation.

The photo above is a stop my friends and I made at In-N-Out Burger in LosΒ Angeles, there was no way I was passing this up as we don’t have it on the east coast. Important thing was I ate to when I was full, and had a healthy dinner later on!

If you have any comments or questions about diet or fitness leave them below!


7 thoughts on “Enjoying Life in Moderation

  1. What a great post and so true! I have never been a believer of diets and never been on one. I love my food…my carbs too much. But like most things in life…everything in moderation of course. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  2. You have definitely mastered the skill of moderation! I like your style. Diets are NOT the answer!! Maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle is about balance. Meals don’t stand and fall on their own. They need to be looked at in context of so much more.


  3. Ok so the photo immediately caught my attention, as when ever I get the chance to go to In ‘N’ Out (like once every couple of years) I go for two double doubles, no fries. I agree with your post though. For me I do Paleo, but that is because I like the food choices that are within that diet, I really do not care for pasta, beans, etc…so this is the diet for me. My clients however, may be better suited by something different, and as you said, all things in moderation can still lead to a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for the post!

      1. Haha, yes Paleo is very difficult for some, the only thing I really miss ever is cheese…people say you can replace pasta with spaghetti squash…nope, not the same at all lol

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