Staying Fit on Vacation

I spent this past weekend at Coachella music festival in California and it was amazing!! However, one of the biggest struggles that comes with vacation is staying in shape and not losing all of your hard work! Although I don’t think you need to go as hard as your regular routine here are some fun options to stay in shape on vacation:

1. Go for a jog and explore the local neighborhood.

My friends and I went for an amazing run around Palm Springs and found a beautiful park!

2. Do low impact floor exercises.

3 sets of 30 second planks, 1 minute of lower ab curls and 50 crunches you will feel great about putting that bikini on!

3. Take a few yoga moves with you on vacation.

Find time to stretch and recenter yourself. This isn’t just good for the body but the mind too.

I am ready to get back into my routine but I feel great about what I did to stay active on my trip.

Happy Monday!


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