The Beauty of Trying Something New

Everyday that the sun is shining is a great day to be outside and enjoy nature. This morning I decided to go for a jog to the beach and instead of doing a work out at the beach I felt I needed to get some stretching in! I realize that most of us don’t take time for stretching but it is so important. Not only does stretching have numerous physical benefits (increased flexibility and body circulation) but it also helps to reduce stress.

Today I wanted to take my stretching to the next level by going into a back bend position. With the ocean waves falling behind me and the wind blowing, I was truly happy I tried something new. I am ready to take on the day and I hope you are too!

Fitness Outfit:

Splits59 Loren Bra in Jade

Lululemon Wunder Under Pant

One thought on “The Beauty of Trying Something New

  1. Thank you for inspiring me to stretch instead of lift weights! It is such a help in releasing lactic acid and increasing the influx of oxygen into muscle mass to grow. Thanks for reminding me!

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